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Mask (kosa:ya) (Gogodala):
Mask (kosa:ya) (Gogodala)
A Gogodala mask (kosa:ya)
has its narrow-ridge nose carved in high-relief and there are large aperatures for the eyes and mouth. Balanced geometric designs are painted on the mask and rattan binding is laced around the perimeter in a sawtooth pattern. A continuous loop of brown-white feathers is attached to the outer edge; A light brown patina. Material: wood (ukulu), pigments of white, yellow, ochre and black; height: 900mm; width: 260mm.
Collected at the longhouse at Kini, Western District by a reputable dealer in October 1989. Acquired by LukLuk Gallery in 1990.
The kosa:ya is a ceremonial mask and it is worn over the face. Normally is represents an ancestral clan father and often the artist's gawa tao is used as a part of a balanced dual design.
See 'Crawford, A.L. 1981' - (p.190). In this section the two types of mask are described in style, design and function.
See 'Crawford, A.L. 1981' in the mask catalogue section (pp.312-20) for comparison masks of both the liga:le and kosa:ya type.
Artefact Code: ML0058
New Guinea showing the region of the Gogodala people between the Aramia River and the Fly River Estuary

Map 1: New Guinea and the region of the Gogodala between the Aramia River and the Fly River Estuary in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea

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