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Detail of dust wrap of  NEW GUINEA - People and Art (fuhrmann2p  170/235 FUHR02)
Fuhrmann, Ernst. NEW GUINEA. People and Art. BNo. 974-7534-04-5. New Edition, 1999 (1922) (pb). Pp: (viii), 130; 295mm x 210mm; 0.70kg. 145 b/w, 71fig. Foreword to first edition, notes, appendix. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. White Lotus Co. Ltd, Bangkok, 1999. (This book is based on photographs of art collections in major museums of Europe. There are sixteen full-page photographs of people from different parts of New Guinea, long houses and 124 photographs of artefacts). (Keywords: Ethnology, Pacific, New Guinea, social anthropology, artefacts, sculpture, body art, masks, furniture, houses, beliefs, ceremonies)
Book Code: V228 AU$60
Detail of front cover of GARDENS OF WAR (gardner20p 200/266 GARD20)
Gardner, Robert & Karl G. Heider. GARDENS OF WAR. Life and Death in the New Guinea Stone Age. BNo. 0-233-96140-2. Reprint Edition, 1986 (1968). Pp: xx, 186; 275mm x 210mm; 1.06kg. 36 col, 301 b/w, 1 map. Introduction, foreword, acknowledgments, credits, index, note. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Andre Deutsch Limited, London, 1986. (This book provides a full photographic record of the culture of the Dugum Dani who live in the Grand Valley of Baliem in Irian Jaya) (Keywords: Social anthropology, Pacific, Melanesia, New Guinea, Western Highlands).
Book Code: D046 AU$35
Detail of cover  -  THE ASMAT OF NEW GUINEA -   The Journal of Michael Clark Rockefeller  (gerbrands01p  180/248  GERB01)
Gerbrands, Adrian A. (editor). THE ASMAT OF NEW GUINEA. The Journal of Michael Clark Rockefeller. BNo. 67-28143. First Edition, 1967. Pp: 350; 320mm x 245mm; 2.77kg. 90 col, 510 b/w, 1 map. Foreword, introduction, glossary of Asmat words, index of villages. A very good copy in a printed see-through dust wrapper and black-cloth boards. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. (signature on fep; small piece missing from wrap). The Museum of Primitive Art, New York, 1967. (With Michael Clarke Rockefeller's notes and photographs made among the Asmat people during two expeditions in 1961. Documented by a pictorial and descriptive catalogue of the objects he collected) (Keywords: Ethnology, Pacific, Melanesia, New Guinea, Sauwa, Agani, Betjew, Erma, yeu, Bis).
Book Code: N588 AU$550
Detail of wrapper - WOW-IPITS - Eight Asmat Woodcarvers of New Guinea  (gerbrands02bp  175/219  GERB02)
Gerbrands, Adrian A. WOW-IPITS: Eight Asmat Woodcarvers of New Guinea. Art in its Context; Studies in Ethno-Aesthetics; Field Reports: Volume 3. BNo.66-17949. First Edition (English) 1967. Pp: 192; 260mm x 210mm; 0.94kg. 168 b/w, num fig, 1 map. Acknowledgments, introduction, references, comments. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g (chipped dw; discreet stamp inside front board). Mouton & Co, The Hague, 1967. (This book is the result of eight months of ethno-aesthetic research by the author in the village of Amanamkai on the southwest coast of the former Dutch half of New Guinea. Eight woodcarvers are discussed and a written portrait is given is given in which they are depicted not only as men and as Asmat but also and especially as individual artists) (Keywords: Ethnology, anthropology, Pacific, Melanesia, New Guinea, tribal art, Asmat, Amanamkai).
Book Code: P273 AU$180
Front of wrap - Twisted Histories, Altered Contexts  (gewertz2p  150/226  GEWE02)
Gewertz, Deborah B. & Frederick K. Errington. TWISTED HISTORIES, ALTERED CONTEXTS. Representing the Chambri in a world system. BNo. 0-521-39587-9. Reprint Edition, 1997 (1991) (pb). Pp: xiv, 264; 230mm x 155mm; 0.40kg. 27 b/w, 3 maps. Acknowledgments, notes, references, appendix A, index. A good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (some highlighting & margin notes). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1997. (The authors describe the Chambri caught up in world processes of social and cultural change, and attempt to create a "collective biography" which conveys the intelligibility and significance of the twentieth-century experience of these Papuan New Guineans) (Keywords: Social Anthropology, Pacific, Melanesia, New Guinea, Chambri, cultural change).
Book Code: V192 AU$24
Front of wrap - PIGS, PEARLSHELLS, AND WOMEN (glasse01bp 150/226  GLAS01)
Glasse, R.M. & M.J. Meggitt (editors). PIGS, PEARLSHELLS AND WOMEN. Marriage in the New Guinea Highlands. BNo. 70-79453. First Edition, 1969 (pb). Pp: x, 246; 200mm x 135mm; 0.25kg. Num fig, tab & maps. Acknowledgments, bibliography, index. A good paperback copy. Wrp: g. (minor wear). Prentice-Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1969. (This book makes available data on specific aspects of marriage arrangements and divorce patterns in highland societies. The articles written by twelve authors show how the religious ideas and ritual actions of the people express their pervasive materialism) (Keywords: Anthropology, sociology, Pacific, Melanesia, New Guinea, Bena Bena, Daribi, Chimbu).
Book Code: F252 SOLD - now out of stock AU$18
Front of wrap - TO SING WITH PIGS IS HUMAN - The Concept of Person in Papua New Guinea (goodale02p 160/244  GOOD02)
Goodale, Jane C. TO SING WITH PIGS IS HUMAN. The Concept of Person in Papua New Guinea. BNo. 0-295-97436-2. First Edition, 1975 (pb). Pp: xvi, 269; 235mm x 150mm; 0.49kg. 41 b/w, 11 fig, 1 map. Preface, acknowledgments, bibliography, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (minor wear). University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1995. (In the course of her fieldwork with the Kaulong, the author recognised that everything of importance to them was based in their constant quest for recognition as human beings. The all-night 'singsings' plays a role in this quest) (Keywords: Anthropology, Pacific, Melanesia, New Britain, Kaulong).
Book Code: J400 AU$20
Front of wrapper - RAPE OF THE FLY - Explorations in New Guinea (goode10p 160/238  GOOD10)
Goode, John. RAPE OF THE FLY. Explorations in New Guinea. BNo. 0-17-005177-3. First Edition, 1977. Pp: xii, 272; 235mm x 150mm; 0.68kg. 29 b/w & fig, 1 map. Introduction, acknowledgments, references, source of illustrations, index. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. (minor shelf wear). Thomas Nelson (Australia) Limited, West Melbourne, 1977. (Rape of the Fly is a story of determination, rivalry, bitterness and achievemnt in New Guinea exploration - an uncensored account of the lives and personalities of Luigi Maria D'Albertis and Lawrence Hargrave) (Keywords: Exploration, Pacific, Melanesia, New Guinea).
Book Code: G180 SOLD - now out of stock AU$40
Detail of front board of AUTHORITY AND ORNAMENT - Art of the Sepik River  (greub04p 190/263 GREU04)
Greub, Suzanne (editor). Authority and Ornament - ART OF THE SEPIK RIVER - Papua New Guinea. BNo. 3-908148-01-4. First Edition, 1985 (English). Pp: 220; 310mm x 240mm; 1.40kg. 16 col, 124 b/w, 5 maps. Foreword, catalogue, bibliography. A very good hardback copy with illustrated cover. Cvr: vg. (no dw issued; minor shelf wear). Tribal Art Centre, Basel Switzerland, 1985. (Description: This book takes alook at the art of the Sepik River and gives the reader and viewer and opportunity to witness works of art from the different ethnic groups which live along the Sepik River. Essays and descriptions are provided by Christian Kaufmann, Meinhard Schuster, Brigitta Hauser-Schaulin, and Christin Kocher Schmid) (Keywords: Ethnology, Melanesia, New Guinea, Maprik, Boiken, Abelam, Karawari, Yuat, Mundugumor, Manam, Ramu).
Book Code: R669 AU$120
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