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 Detail of wrapper - Antique Rugs from the Near East
Bode, Wilhelm von & Ernst Kuhnel. ANTIQUE RUGS FROM THE NEAR EAST. Turkey, the Caucasus, Egypt, and Persia. BNo. 0-7135-1616-X. Fourth Edition, 1970 (1902). Pp: 184; 255mm x 175mm; 0.71kg. 122 b/w. Foreword, preface, introduction, bibliography, translator's notes. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. G. Bell & Sons, London, 1970. (This book is a comprehensive monograph on the rugs of the Near East from the classical period from the 13th to the 17th century. This English edition has a number of additional improvements on the revised fourth revised edition which appeared in 1955) (Keywords: Carpet, weaving, Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Persia).
Book Code: Q162 AU$65
 Detail of wrapper -  ARABIA DESERTA  (1989).   Newly Edited and Excerpted by H.L. MacRitchie  (doughty01p  190/266  DOUG01)
Doughty, Charles M. ARABIA DESERTA (1989). Newly Edited and Excerpted by H.L. MacRitchie. BNo. 0-7475-0338-9. Excerpted Edition, 1989 (1888). Pp: 256; 260mm x 180mm; 1.05kg. Num col & duotone, 2 maps. Foreword, introduction, acknowledgments, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd, London, 1989.
Description: This edition is illustrated with photographs by Gertrude Bell, H. St John Philby, Sir George Rendel, Capt William Shakespear, and others. In the 1870s, Charles M. Doughty (1843-1926) spent two years wandering alone and often penniless in the wild and awesome Arabian Peninsula.
Keywords: Exploration, photography, Arabia, Medain Salih, Beduin, Hayil, Mecca, Jiddah.
Book Code: C346 AU$70
Front of wrap - Arab Painting (ettinghausen01p 190/242 ETTI01)
Ettinghausen, Richard (text). ARAB PAINTING. Treasures of Asia. BNo. 0-8478-0081-4. First Edition (USA), 1977 (1962) (pb). Pp: 211; 275mm x 235mm; 1.00kg. 81 col, 1 map. Introduction, appendix, bibliography, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (minor wear on dw). Rizzoli International Publications Inc, New York, 1977. (This book presents arab paintings and illustrated manuscripts from periods covering 11th century to 14th century from major centres across Europe and the Middle East) (Keywords: Painting, Middle East, Arab).
Book Code: Q167 SOLD - now out of stock AU$35
Fulanain. THE MARSH ARAB - HAJI RIKKAN. Albu Mohammad and Bani Lam. BNo. n/a. First Edition, 1927. Pp: xiii, 288; 220mm x 140mm; 0.45kg. 14 b/w, 1 map. Note, preface. A good hardback copy. Cvr: g. (minor wear on cvr). Chatto & Windus, London, 1927. (This book is about the two Arab tribes of 'Iraq, the Albu Mohammad and the Bani Lam) (Keywords: Anthropology, Iraq, Euphrates, Tigris).
Book Code: Q077 AU$26
 Detail of wrap - From the Bosporus to Samarkand Flat-Woven Rugs
Landreau, Anthony N. & W.R. Pickering. FROM THE BOSPORUS TO SAMARKAND - FLAT-WOVEN RUGS. The Textile Museum, Washington D.C. BNo. 71-81238. Third Printing, 1980. Pp: (ii), 112; 280mm x 205mm; 0.46kg. 113 col & b/w. Acknowledgments, foreword, bibliography. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. The Textile Museum, Washington D.C., 1969. (This catalogue was produced to support an exhibition of rugs exhibited at the Textile Museum in 1969 and subsequently circulated by the Smithsonian Institution) (Keywords: Rugs, kilims, Middle East, Caucasian, Persia, Soumak).
Book Code: Q166 AU$35
 Detail of wrapper - Arabian Sands
Thesiger, Wilfred. ARABIAN SANDS. Images of the Empty Quarter of Southern Arabia. BNo. 0-00-217005-1. Reprint Edition, 2000 (1959). Pp: xxiii, 338; 230mm x 150mm; 0.77kg. 64 b/w(pl), 9 maps. Preface, introduction, prologue, names, list, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Harper Collins Publishers, London, 2000. (The author writes about his travels in Southern Arabia with the Bedu and this book presents a few of his photographs of the desert and its people at a time when contact with the Western world was limited. Thesiger's account of the Arabian Sands and its people, its tribal warfare and ancient history, its daily life and landscape is widely hailed as a classic of Arabian travel literature) (Keywords: Travel, exploration, Middle East, Asia, Arabia, Bedu, Empty Quarter, Harasis, Saar, Wahiba, Sudan, Dhaufar, Darfur, Qarra).
Book Code: Q213 AU$55
 Detail of wrapper - DESERT, MARSH & MOUNTAIN
Thesiger, Wilfred. DESERT, MARSH AND MOUNTAIN. Travels in Southern Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. BNo.0-00-654817-2. Paperback Edition, 1995 (1979) (pb). Pp: xix, 202; 195mm x 130mm; 0.25kg. 68 b/w, 10 maps. Author's foreword, prologue, epilogue, glossary, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (minor wear on wrp). Flamingo, Harper Collins Publishers, London, 1995. (This book is an account of the author's travels in the desert of Southern Arabia, his life with the Marsh Arabs of Iraq and his expeditions to Iraqi Kurdistan, Iran, the Yemen, and the mountain country of the Hindu Kush and the Karakorams. Thesiger draws a poignant picture of strength and beauty of nomadic life in prose and photographs) (Keywords: Travels, photography, exploration, Southern Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan).
Book Code: R367 AU$10
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