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Feature book of the Month:

Craig, B; B. Kernot & C. Anderson. ART AND PERFORMANCE IN OCEANIA.

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Craig, B., B. Kernot & C. Anderson (ed). ART AND PERFORMANCE IN OCEANIA. The Fifth International Symposium of the Pacific Arts Association. BNo. 1-86333-185-9. First Edition, 1999. Pp: viii, 318; 230mm x 200mm; 1.15kg. 8 col, num b/w, fig & maps. Preface, introduction, contributors, references. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Crawford House Publishing Pty Ltd, Bathurst, 1999. (The symposium titled 'Art, Performance and Society', called for papers in sessions dealing with 'Production and Performance', 'Social and Cultural Context', 'The Record and the Remainder', and 'The Mission of Museums'. In all, some sixty papers were presented over a five-day period, twenty-four of which have been included in this book) (Keywords: Ethnology, Micronesia, Yap, Tahiti, Maori, Aboriginal art, Gamei, Papua New Guinea, Malagan, Tabar, Massim, Melanesia).
Book Code: Z005 AU$46
Note: Contributors and papers are:
(1) Konishi, Junko - The relationship between the evaluations of dance performance and the social system in Yap, Micronesia. (2) Hereniko, Vilsoni - Clowning as political commentary: Polynesia - then and now. (3 ) Stevensen, Karen - Festivals, identity and performance: Tahiti and the 6th Pacific Arts. (4 ) Kernot, Bernie - Imaging the nation: The New Zealand International Exhibition 1906-07 and the Model Maori Pa. (5) Meredith, Regina - Art education in Samoa: Acculturated identity. (6) Pollock, Nancy J. - Fat is beautiful: The body as art form in the Pacific. (7) Megaw, J.V.S. & M. Ruth Megaw - Artists as performers: The Flinders University Aboriginal Artists-in-Residence program re-reviewed. (8) Croft, Brenda L. - Speaking as the 'Other'. (9) Gemes, Juno - Committed photography: Recording history. (10) Fergie, Deane - Racism and the state: Critical reflections on the organisation of heritage institutions in South Australia. (11) Stanton, John E. - Ethnographic museums and indigenous peoples: A perspective from Western Australia. (12) Anderson, Christopher - Old galleries, new people. (13) Smidt, Dirk & Soroi Marepo Eoe - A festival to honour the dead and revitalise society: Masks and prestige in a Gamei community (Lower Ramu, Papua New Guinea). (14) Issac, Chris & Barry Craig - Sulka masked ceremonies and exchange. (15) Lurang, Noah J. - The significance of the tantanua dance within the Verem malagan. (16) Gunn, Michael - Taxonomic structure and typology in malagan ritual art tradition of Tabar, New Ireland. (17) Ewins, Rod - The acoustic properties of the Fijian 'slit-gongs'. (18) Beran, Harry - The Woodcarvings of Mutuaga, a 19th-century artist of the Massim district of Papua New Guinea. (19) Choulai, Wendi & Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris - Women and the fibre arts of Papua New Guinea. (20) Quanchi, Max - Tree-houses, representation and photography on the Papuan coast. (21) Regius, Helena - 'Our ethnological troops in the field': Swedes and museum collecting in Melanesia circa 1900. (22) Vargyas, Gabor - Art of Astrolabe Bay: History of research, results and future research tasks. (23) Cochrane, Susan - Out of the doldrums: Museums and cultural centres in Pacific Islands countries in the 1990s. (24) Dark, Philip J.C. - Of old models and new in Pacific art: Real or spurious?
Grimble, Arthur. A PATTERN OF ISLANDS. Gilbert and Ellice Islands. BNo. n/a. Reprint Edition, 1954 (1952). Pp: x, 250; 215mm x 140mm; 0.57kg. 17 fig, 1 map. Prologue, epilogue, index. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g. (wear on dw & cvr; chipped dw). John Murray (Publishers) Ltd., London, 1956. (This book is a story about the Gilbert and Ellice Islands in the Central Pacific woven into the travel-autobiography of the author, who, the day after his wedding in 1913, left England with his wife for the remotest corner of the British Empire. The author gives the reader numerous and fascinating glimpses of the island people, and of the slow steps by which he learnt to adapt himself to their customs and their point of view. Kiribati became ann independent sovereign nation in 1979 incorporating within its boundaries the former Gilbert Islands, the Line Islands and the Phoenix Islands) (Keywords: Travel, autobiography, Pacific, Micronesia, Polynesia, Gilbert, Ellice, Kiribati).
Book Code: D064 AU$18
Detail of dust wrapper -  RETURN TO THE ISLANDS  (grimble4p  150/230  GRIM04 )
Grimble, Arthur. RETURN TO THE ISLANDS. Gilbert and Ellice Islands. BNo. n/a. First Edition, 1957. Pp: viii, 215;215mm x 140mm; 0.52kg. 26 fig, 1 map. Prologue, epilogue. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: g. (minor wear on dw & cvr). John Murray (Publishers) Ltd., London, 1957. (The story in this book is a sequel to the one told in A Pattern of Islands. It is about Sir Arthur's return to the friendship of the Gilbert and Ellice Islanders. It is also about his return to the anxieties and responsibilities on Baanaba (Ocean Island)) (Keywords: Colonial administration, politics, social anthropology, Pacific, Micronesia, Polynesia, Gilbert, Ellice, Kiribati).
Book Code: C384 AU$18
Maude, H.E. OF ISLANDS AND MEN. Studies in Pacific History. BNo. AUS 67-535. First Edition, 1968. Pp: xxii, 398; 215mm x 140mm; 0.72kg. 20 b/w(pl), 20 maps. Preface, abbreviations, introduction, appendices, bibliography. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: g. (scuff mark on dw). Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1968. (This book is a collection of some of the most colourful episodes in the story of the South Seas) (Keywords: Exploration, colonisation, Micronesia, Gilbert Islands, Tahiti, Phoenix Islands).
Book Code: D220 AU$40
Sabatier, Ernest. ASTRIDE THE EQUATOR - An Account of the Gilbert Islands. (translated by Ursula Nixon). BNo. 0-19-550518-2. First English Edition, 1977. Pp: x, 386; 215mm x 135mm; 0.67kg. 1 b/w, 1 map. Foreword, acknowledgments, notes, works by author. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. (minor shelf wear). Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1977. (The author describes the Gilbertese people and the archipelago in which they live. His account includes geographical details of atolls and corals, metrological data of the prevailing weather conditions, and flora and fauna found in the islands. He discusses Gilbertese religion, their beliefs and superstition, family and social life and work) (Keywords: Social anthropology, Pacific, Micronesia, Gilbert Islands).
Book Code: C089 AU$45
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