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Detail of  cover of  ACROSS THE DESERT. (ryan18p 170/224 RYAN18)
Ryan, Judith. ACROSS THE DESERT. Aboriginal Batik from Central Australia. BNo.978-0-72410-299-0. First Edition, 2008 (pb). Pp: 168; 285mm x 240mm; 1.10kg. num col, 4 maps. Director's foreword, acknowledgments, biographies and checklist, chronology. A very good paperback copy in illustrated wrap. Wrp: vg. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 2008.
Description: This catalogue celebrates the emergence and efflorescence of Aboriginal batik, a dynamic art form that continues to flourish at Ernabella and Utopia in Central Australia. All but four of the batiks presented are drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. This catalogue was produced for the exhibition held at NGV in the period October 2008 - February 2009.
Keywords: Contemporary art, batik, Central Australia, Aboriginal, Ernabella, Utopia.
Book Code: W208 AU$45
Note: Contributors and essays are:
(p.14) Ryan, Judith - Prelude to Canvas: Batik Candenzas wax Lyrical; (p.104) Furlong, Hilary - Tjungu nintiringanyi munu kunpu kanyini Ernabella-la: learning together and staying strong at Ernabella; (p.112) James, Diana - Batik Lines flow over Sand Dune Country: Kaltjiti Arts; (p.116) Murray, Julia - Drawn Together: Utopia Batik Phenomenon; (p.122) Wright, Felicity - Warlpiri Sensibility and Grace: Yuendumu Batik; (p.128) Strocchi, Marina - Before Painting: The Kintore Batiks; (p.136) Somerville, Katie - Bush Couture - Bringing the Bush to Town; (p.142) Jackson, Linda - Footprints in the Red Dirt: Reflections.
Detail of  cover of  COLOUR POWER - Aboriginal Art Post 1984. (ryan8p 160/211 RYAN8)
Ryan, Judith. COLOUR POWER - Aboriginal Art Post 1984 - in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. BNo. 0-7241-2056-6. First Edition, 2004 (pb). Pp: 160; 285mm x 245mm; 1.10kg. over 100 col, 1 map. Message, foreword, 11 essays,selected bibliography, checklist and artist biographies. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 2004.
Description: Colour Power focuses mainly on the revolutionary decades 1984-2004, which issue from the genesis of the Western Desert art movement at Papunya in 1971-72, when senior men invented a new art form. The awakening of Aboriginal women as creators and inventors in new media occurred slowly through the 1970s and 80s, initially via the batik medium before making the transition to canvas in 1988-89, when the art world began to take notice. This catalogue includes paintings by city-based artists Gordon Hookey, H.J. Wedge, Julie Dowling and Ian Abdulla and also encompasses work by a diversity of other outstanding artists.
Keywords: Contemporary art, painting, Australia, Aboriginal, Uta Uta Tjangala, Emily Kngwarray, Eubena Nampitjin, Ginger Riley, Tommy Watson, Jimmy Pike and Peter Skipper.
Book Code: S303 AU$45
Note: Contributors and essays are:
(p.97) Ryan, Judith - From Reckitts Blue to Neon: The Colour and Power of Aboriginal Art; (p.115) Dayman, Karen - Maparlany Parlipa Mapun - We are Painting True, Really True; (p.119) Watson, Christine - Whole Lot, Now: Colour Dynamics in Balgo Art; (p.123) Nicholls, Christine - The Three Napangardis. To the Memory of Maggie Napangardi Watson; (p.126) Purich, Thisbe & Julie Gough - Minyma Tjuta - Many Women Working with Fibre and the Figures of Kantjupayi Benson; (p.131) Ryan, Judith - Boss of Colour: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala; (p.134) Ryan, Judith - I Try to Paint what I Dream: The Art of H.J. Wedge; (p.136) Dowling, Julie - Moorditj Marbarn (Strong Magic); (p.139) Hookey, Gordon with Judith Ryan - Screaming Out Loud what People are Whispering: Gordon Hookey on Art; (p.142) Loxley, Anne - The Battles Continue: Brook Andrew; (p.144) Rhodes, Kate - When your Heart is Troubled: Tracey Moffatt's Night cries.
Detail of  cover of  MYTHSCAPES - Aboriginal Art of the Desert. (ryan4p 150/210  RYAN04)
Ryan, Judith and Geoff Bardon (essay). MYTHSCAPES. Aboriginal Art of the Desert from the National Gallery of Victoria. BNo. 0-7241-0136-5. First Edition, 1989 (pb). Pp: 104; 295mm x 205mm; 0.58kg. 59 col, 8 b/w, 14 fig, 1 map. Preface, acknowledgments, notes, selected bibliography. A very good paperback copy in illustrated wrap. Wrp: vg. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1989. (This book was published for the exhibition which was held by the National Gallery of Victoria and contains colour photographs of a selection of the paintings exhibited. Chapters deal with all periods of Papunya work, Kukatja art from Balgo Hills, Yuendumu and Lajamanu art) (Keywords: Contemporary art, Australia, Aboriginal, Tjakamarra, Tjungurrayi, Tjangala, Tjapaltjarri, Tjupurrula, Tjapanangka, Tjampitjinpa).
Book Code: K572 AU$25
Detail of wrap - PAINT UP BIG  (ryan10p  160/223  RYAN10)
Ryan, Judith. PAINT UP BIG. Warlpiri Women's Art of Lajamanu. BNo. 0-7241-0145-4. First Edition, 1990 (pb). Pp: 80; 295mm x 210mm; 0.43kg. Num col & b/w, 1 map. Sponsor's message, preface, introduction, further reading. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1990. (This publication is a catalogue of the National Gallery's Lajamanu collection which consists of about sixty paintings. The collection comprises the major Tjukurrpa (Dreamings) that women are entitled to paint and represents all the subsection pairs) (Keywords: Nampijinpa, Ngapa, Nangala, Pardarri, Nakamarra, Napurrula, Yam, Yarla, Wapirti, Marlu).
Book Code: W236 AU$60
Detail of wrap -  ABORIGINAL AND OCEANIC DECORATIVE ART  (ryan09p  210/223  RYAN09)
Ryan, Judith & James Davidson. ABORIGINAL AND OCEANIC DECORATIVE ART. Exhibition catalogue for the National Gallery of Victoria. BNo. 0-7241-0065-2. First Edition, 1980 (pb). Pp: 56; 225mm x 220mm; 0.25kg. 3 col, 54 b/w, 4 fig, 3 maps. Foreword, introduction. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (small blocked-out name on tp). National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1980.
Description: This book has the description of 66 catalogue items with an accompanying photograph for 40 of the objects.
Keywords: Tribal art, Australia, Arnhem Land, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Manggalili.
Book Code: Q320 AU$35
Detail of  cover of  ABORIGINAL ARTISTS of the Nineteenth Century  (sayer1p  150/200  SAYE1)
Sayers, Andrew. ABORIGINAL ARTISTS of the Nineteenth Century. Includes the artists Barak, Tommy McRae and Mickey of Ulladulla. BNo. 0-19-553995-8. Reprint Edition, 1997 (1994) (pb). Pp: xiv, 162; 255mm x 190mm; 0.65kg. 32 col(pl), num b/w, 1 map. Foreword, acknowledgments, introduction, notes, bibliography, list of works, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Oxford University Press Australia, South Melbourne, 1997. (Sayers reveals the extraordinary number of works by Aboriginal artists, and the great variety of subjects treated in these drawings. These works were often the products of interaction between Aboriginal society and European culture) (Keywords: Contemporary art, indigenous people, Australia, Aboriginal).
Book Code: M047 AU$48
Detail of  dust wrapper of  TIWI - The Life and Art of Australia's Tiwi People. (smith01p 170/241  SMIT01)
Smith, Heide. TIWI. Life and Art of Australia's Tiwi People. BNo. 0-207-16624-2. First Edition, 1990. Pp: 226; 320mm x 235mm; 1.55kg. Num col & b/w, 1 map. Acknowledgment, foreword, introduction. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Collins/Angus and Robertson Publishers Australia, North Ryde, NSW, 1990. (This book is a pictorial work of the every day life of the Tiwi people of Bathurst and Melville Islands in Northern Australia) (Keywords: Aboriginal art, Australia, Tiwi, Melville, Bathurst Island, Portamini, Pukumani poles, Puautjimi, Malangwa, Declan Apuatimi, Ripijingimpi).
Book Code: D456 AU$45
Detail of wrapper - DREAMINGS  (sutton1p  160/212  SUTT01)
Sutton, Peter (editor). DREAMINGS - THE ART OF ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIA. With contributions by: Peter Sutton, Christopher Anderson, Philip Jones, Francoise Dussart, and Steven Hemming. BNo. 0-670-82449-6. First Edition, 1989. Pp: xiii, 266; 280mm x 240mm; 1.70kg. 150 col, 100 b/w & fig, 5 maps. Acknowledgments, foreword, preface, biographies of artists, notes, references, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Penguin Books Australia Ltd, Ringwood, Victoria, 1989. (The authors describe the key concept of the "Dreaming" and examine the religious basis, the aesthetic systems and stylistic patterns of the works presented) (Keywords: Arnhem Land, Port Keats, Cape York Peninsula, Aurukun, Groote Eylandt, Melville Island, Papunya, Balgo Hills, Yuendumu, Lake Eyre).
Book Code: N503 AU$45
Detail of front of wrapper of BINDIBU COUNTRY. (thomson1p 150/239  THOM01).
Thomson, Donald F. BINDIBU COUNTRY. Around Lake Mckay, West of Alice Springs across the Western Australian border. BNo. 17-005049-1. First Edition, 1975. Pp: xi, 172; 210mm x 130mm; 0.50kg. 17 col, 36 b/w, 2 maps. Acknowledgments, introduction, notes, references, glossary, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. (minor wear on dw & cvr). Thomas Nelson (Australia) Limited, Melbourne, 1975. (The Bindibu people, who live about 800 kilometres west of Alice Springs, were the last of Australia's Aborigines living a traditional desert existence. The author was the first anthropologist to make a systematic study of the ecology of their desert homeland and to study their social organisation, taking part in their activities, photographing them and recording their songs) (Keywords: Ethnology, Bindibu, Australian Aboriginal).
Book Code: T142 AU$48
Detail of wrapper - QUINKAN COUNTRY (trezise03p 160/233 TREZ03)
Trezise, Percy J. QUINKAN COUNTRY. Adventures in Search of Aboriginal Cave Paintings in Cape York. BNo.69-1441. First Edition, 1969. Pp: 154; 235mm x 160mm; 0.60kg. 43 col, 2 maps. Preface, acknowledgments. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g. (minor wear). A.H. & A.W. Reed, Sydney, 1969. (This book is the story of one man's search for galleries hidden away among the sandstone outcrops in the remote interior of Cape York Peninsula. It is in these galleries where the Aborigines have recorded in cave paintings the legends and sacred rituals of their tribe) (Keywords: Cave paintings, Australia, Aboriginal, Queensland).
Book Code: H365 AU$38
Detail of front of wrap - . (tweedie1p 170/234  TWEE1).
Tweedie, Penny. SPIRIT OF ARNHEM LAND. Aboriginal Australians. BNo. 1-87662227-X. Reprint Edition 2005 (1998). Pp: 168; 300mm x 265mm; 1.12kg. 174 col, 1 map. Preface, acknowledgments, bibliography. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. New Holland Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd, Sydney, 2005. (This book is a perceptive insight into the lives of the people of Arnhem Land striving to maintain their heritage and traditional life in a modern world) (Keywords: Sociology, culture, Australia, Aboriginal, Arnhem Land).
Book Code: S280 AU$35
Detail of front of wrapper of FORM IN INDIGENOUS ART. (ucko1p 160/192  UCKO01).
Ucko, Peter J. (editor). FORM IN INDIGENOUS ART. Schematisation in the art of Aboriginal Australia and prehistoric Europe. BNo. 0-7156-1305-7. First Edition, 1977. Pp: (vi), 486; 250mm x 250mm; 1.70kg. 50 col, 150 b/w, 330 fig, 3 chart, 20 tab, 3 maps. Preface, list of participants, opening remarks, indices. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. (minor wear on dw; minor flecking on front cvr; signature on fep). Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra, 1977. (This book provides a view of art works from widely different contexts ranging from Aborigines in Australia, past and present, to prehistoric Europe. The Australian material includes data on bark paintings and sand sculptures which has never been published before. For the first time it is possible to see these works as part of the general functioning of Aboriginal society) (Keywords: Indigenous art, Australia, Aboriginal, bark paintings, sand sculptures).
Book Code: R459 AU$110
Note: Contributors and papers include:
(1) Ucko, Peter J. - Introduction. (2) Clegg, J.K. - The meanings of 'schematisation'. (3) Forge, Anthony - Schematisation and meaning. (4) Layton, Robert - Naturalism and cultural relativity in art. (6) Biebuyck, Daniel P. - Schemata in Lega art. (8) Morphy, Frances - The social significance of schematisation in Northwest Coast American Indian art. (9) Morphy, Howard - Schematisation, meaning and communication in toas. (10) Rosenfeld, Andree - Profile figures: schematisation of the human figures in the Magdalenian Culture of Europe. (11) Wright, Bruce J. - Schematisation in the rock engravings of north-western Australia. (12) Carroll, Peter J. - Mimi from western Arnhem Land. (13) Clunies Ross, Margaret & I.R. Hiatt - Sand sculptures at a Gidjingali burial rite. (14) Groger-Wurm, Helen M. - Schematisation in Aboriginal bark paintings. (15) Hoff, Jennifer A. - Aboriginal carved and painted human figures in north-east Arnhem Land. (16) Keen, Ian - Yolngu sand sculptures in context. (17) McCaskill, D.L. - Schematisation in rock art of the Upper Gascoyne district, Western Australia. (18) Macintosh, N.W.G. - Beswick Creek cave two decades later: a reappraisal. (19) Morphy, Howard - Schematisation to conventionalisation: a possible trend in Yirrkala bark paintings. (20) Morphy, Howard - Yingapungapu - ground sculpture as bark painting. (21) Reser, Joseph P. - The dwelling as motif in Aboriginal bark painting. (22) Brandl, E.J. - Human stick figures in rock art. (23) Chaloupka, George - Aspects of chronology and schematisation of two prehistoric sites on the Arnhem Land Plateau. (24) Clegg, J.K. - A Method of resolving problem which arise from style in art. (25) Dix, Warwick C. - Facial representations in Pilbara rock engravings. (26) Marshack, Alexander - The meander as a system: the analysis and recognition of Iconographic units. (27) Moore, David R. - The hand stencil as symbol. (30) Crawford, I.M. - The relationship of Bradshaw and Wandjina art in north-west Kimberley. (32) Maynard, Lesley - Classification and terminology in Australian rock art. (33) McCarthy, Frederick D. - Schematisation in eastern and northern Australian rock art. (34) Quinnell, M.C. - Schematisation and naturalism in the rock art of south central Queensland. (36) Sims, Peter C. - Variations in Tasmanian petroglyphs. (37) Virili, F.L. - Aboriginal sites and rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia: a preliminary report.
Detail of front of wrapper of FORM IN INDIGENOUS ART. (ucko1p 160/192  UCKO1).
West, Margie (editor). 18TH NATIONAL ABORIGINAL & TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER ART AWARD. Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. Travelling Exhibition. BNo.0-7245-4464-X. First Edition, 2001 (pb). Pp: 92; 220mm x 215mm; 0.32kg. 144 col. Directors preface, judges' bibliographies, judges' statement, acknowledgments, references. A very good paperback copy in illustrated wrap. Wrp: vg. (wear on wrap). Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, 2001. (This catalogue presents the category winners and other entrants to the 18th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. Categories include: paintings on canvas, bark paintings, and sculptures) (Keywords: Contemporary paintings, Australia, Aboriginal, Dorothy, Napangardi, John Bulunbulun, Prince of Wales Midpul, Paddy Japaljarri Stewart, Paddy Japaljarri Sims, Craig Koomeeta).
Book Code: U024 AU$45
Detail of wrap - ABORIGINAL ART - PAST AND PRESENT (west09p 200/144  WEST09).
West, Margie; Colin Jack-Hinton & George Chaloupka. ABORIGINAL ART - PAST AND PRESENT. Exhibition to tour the South Pacific Art Festival 1980. BNo.0-7245-0459-1. First Edition, 1980 (pb). Pp: 23; 175mm x 250mm; 0.08kg. 9 col, 1 map. Introduction. A good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (wear on wrap). The Museums and Art Galleries Board of the Northern Territory, Darwin, 1980. (An exhibition of Aboriginal works of art from the permanent collections of the Museums and Art Galleries Board of the Northern Territory of Australia which toured the South Pacific Art Festival in 1980. Illustrated sections deal with rock painting, bark painting, and Papunya Tula art) (Keywords: Traditional, contemporary art, Australia, Aboriginal, Maralwanga, Magani, Pukualamiri, Tjakamarra (46), Tjangala (45), Pareroultja, Namatjira).
Book Code: T191 SOLD - now out of stock AU$35
Detail of wrap of NATIVE TITLE BUSINESS - Contemporary Indigenous Art  (winter1p  150/195)
Winter Joan G. (curator). NATIVE TITLE BUSINESS. Contemporary Indigenous Art. A National Travelling Exhibition. BNo. 0-9585291-6-7. First Edition, 2002 (pb). Pp: 102; 280mm x 225mm; 0.48kg. num col. Foreword, introduction, list of works. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Keeaira Press, Southport, Queensland, 2002.
Description: The main aim of the travelling exhibition, Native Title Business is to promote understanding and reconciliation on native title, land and water rights in Australia. This book was published to accompany that travelling exhibition and contains contemporary art works representing more than sixty artists from all states and the Northern Territory.
Keywords: Contemporary indigenous art, Australia, Aboriginal.
Book Code: R307 AU$26
Detail of front cover of 
Wright, Felicity. CONTEMPORARY PAINTINGS FROM WESTERN ARNHEM LAND. Flinders Art Museum, June-July 1999. BNo. 0-7258-0653-2. First Edition, 1999 (pb). Pp: (i), 31; 295mm x 210mm; 0.12kg. 13 col. Foreword, biographies, bibliography, acknowledgments. A very good paperback copy with staple binding. Wrp: vg. Flinders Art Museum, Flinders University, Adelaide, 1999.
Description: This catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition of contemporary paintings from Western Arnhem Land which was a significant collection of works on paper by Kunwinjku artists.
Keywords: Contemporary Aboriginal art, Australia, Arnhem Land, Kunwinjku.
Book Code: R021 AU$18
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