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Detail of front cover of ABORIGINAL ART. (morphy06ap 150/205 MORP06)
Morphy, Howard. ABORIGINAL ART. Art and Idea Series. BNo. 0-7148-3752-0. First Edition, 1998 (pb). Pp: 448; 220mm x 160mm; 0.82kg. 418 col, b/w & fig, 2 maps. Introduction, glossary, brief biographies, key dates, further reading, index, acknowledgments. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Phaidon Press Ltd, London, 1998.
Description: In this book the author surveys the great variety of Aboriginal art to reveal what is means to its makers and users and what it can tell us about the societies that produce it. He discusses the paintings (on rock, bark, human bodies and canvas), sculptures, weapons and utensils, from across Australia, bringing out common themes but also highlighting regional diversity.
Keywords: Social anthropology, art, artists, Australia, Aboriginal, Yolngu, wangarr, Warlpiri, djukurrpa, Arrernte, altyerrenge, Djang'kawu, Ungambikula, tywerrenge.
Book Code: N513 AU$36
Detail of front cover of ABORIGINAL ART. (morphy05p 170/217  MORP05)
Morphy, Howard and Margo Smith Boles. ART FROM THE LAND. Dialogues with the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art. BNo. 0-9577135-0-9. First Edition, 1999 (pb). Pp: vi, 266; 275mm x 230mm; 1.30kg. 168 col, 6 b/w, 81 fig, 2 maps. Acknowledgments, introduction, notes on contributors, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. University of Virginia, 1999.
Description: This collection, which comprises of more than 1600 objects of Aboriginal art and material culture, was assembled by John Kluge over a ten year period. It has now been donated to the University of Virginia where it is being used for exhibition, research and education. Contributors are: Margo Smith Boles (introduction), Luke Taylor (Arnhem Land - western region), Howard Morphy (Arnhem Land - eastern region), Djon Mundine (historical perspective), Wally Caruana (exhibition development), Christine Watson (Balgo area), Francoise Dussart (Yuendumu), and Fred Myers (Pintupi))
Keywords: Port Keats, Groote Eylandt, Bathurst Island, Maningrida, Wagilag, Balgo, Utopia, Great Sandy Desert, Tingarri, Kurlkurta, Uta Uta Tjangala.
Book Code: M247 AU$62
Detail of front cover of ABORIGINAL ART - The Arts in Australia. (mountford1p 150/189  MOUN01)
Mountford, Charles P. ABORIGINAL ART. The Arts in Australia. BNo. n/a. First Edition 1961 (pb). Pp: 32; 210mm x 165mm; 0.06kg. 5 col, 23 b/w, 2 fig. Introduction. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Longman, Green and Co Ltd, London, 1961.
Description: This booklet provides an introduction to Aboriginal art in its different forms, such as: cave, ground and bark paintings; ground and tree carvings; rock engravings; burial poles and sacred objects; sculptures and body decorations.
Keywords: Traditional art, Australia, Aboriginal, Central, Northwest, Arnhem Land, Melville Island.
Book Code: Q327 AU$18
Detail of front cover of ABORIGINAL ART - The Arts in Australia. (mountford1p 150/189  MOUN01)
Mountford, Charles P. ABORIGINAL PAINTINGS from Australia. Unesco Art Book. BNo. n/a. First Edition, 1964 (pb). Pp: 24, 28; 165mm x 110mm; 0.14kg. 28 col(pl). Introduction, bibliography. A good paperback copy. Wrp: g. (minor vertical crease on wrap). Collins, Fontana, Unesco, New York, 1964.
Description: All the examples of Aboriginal art in this book are from the caves and bark paintings of Arnhem Land.
Keywords: traditional art, Australia, Aboriginal, Arnhem Land, X-ray, mimi.
Book Code: L702 AU$16
Detail of wrapper -  THE ART OF ALBERT NAMATJIRA  (mountford18bp 150/199  MOUN18)
Mountford, Charles P. THE ART OF ALBERT NAMATJIRA. Watercolours of the Macdonnell Ranges. BNo. n/a. Second Impression 1944 (1944). Pp: xxii, 23-80; 250mm x 180mm; 0.34kg. 10 col, 8 b/w, 2 fig. Foreword by R.H. Croll. A good copy with staple binding in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g. (minor chipping & tears on dw; minor foxing on fep). Bread and Cheese Club, Melbourne, 1945. (This volume is devoted to the achievements of Albert Namatjira and his progress in water-colour painting) (Keywords: Contemporary art, Australia, Aboriginal, watercolour painting, Macdonnell Ranges).
Book Code: U100 AU$60
Detail of wrap - CREATIVITY IN THE ABORIGINAL PAST (mulvaney01bp 170/189  MULV01)
Mulvaney, D.J. CREATIVITY IN THE ABORIGINAL PAST. (Art and Australia Vol.13 - No.3 1976). BNo. n/a. First Edition, 1976 (pb). Pp: 246-259; 240mm x 225mm; 0.38kg. 3 col, 9 b/w, 2 maps. Prologue, acknowledgments, index. A good paperback copy. (ex-library copy). Wrp: g. (wear & faint small stamp on front cover; small stain mark on back cover). Art Quarterly, Art and Australia, Sam Ure Smith at the Fine Arts Press Ltd, Sydney, 1976. (This quarterly magazine also contains articles by Dick Roughsey (The Aboriginal Arts Board); Wandjuk Marika (Aboriginal Copyright); Frederick D. McCarthy (Australian Aboriginal Material Culture); Robert Edwards (Art of Arnhem Land)(Deterioration and Preservation of Rock Art); Billy Stockman (Art of the Western Desert); Diana Conroy (Tiwi Designs: An Aboriginal Silk-Screen Printing Workshop); and Daniel Thomas (Aboriginal Art as Art)) (Keywords: Art, Australia, Aboriginal, Tiwi, Nguleingulei, Mawalan, artefacts, shields, Melville Island, Kimberley, Mungarawoi, Alligator River, Dundiwuy, Yirrkala).
Book Code: L642 AU$25
Detail of wrap -  DANCING UP COUNTRY - The Art of Dorothy Napangardi (mundine4p  155/200  MUND04)
Mundine, Djon; Christine Nicholls & Vivienne Webb (text). DANCING UP COUNTRY. The Art of Dorothy Napangardi. BNo.1-875632-82-4. First Edition, 2003 (pb). Pp: 87; 280mm x 240mm; 0.50kg. Num col, 2 fig, 1 map. Preface, introduction, glossary, selected references, acknowledgments. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg (minor wear on wrp). Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2003. (First published on the occasion of the exhibition Dancing Up Country - The art of Dorothy Napangardi which was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art between December 2002 and March 2003. Preface is by Elizabeth Ann Macgregor; Statement by Dorothy Napangardi; Grounded Abstraction: the work of Dorothy Napangardi by Christine Nicholls; A Dance through the Desert by Djon Mundine; and Form and Content by Vivienne Webb) (Keywords: Contemporary art, abstraction, Australia, Aboriginal, Warlbiri).
Book Code: S255 AU$40
Detail of front cover of ABORIGINAL ART IN THE PUBLIC EYE. (mundine5p 150/212  MUND05)
Mundine,Djon; David McNeill & Sylvia Kleinert (editors). ABORIGINAL ART IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Art Monthly Australia - Supplement 1992-93. BNo. 1033-4025. First Edition, 1992 (pb). Pp: 59; 290mm x 205mm; 0.23kg. 14 col, 17 b/w, 1 map. Editorial, bibliography, contributors. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. (minor wear on wrap). Art Monthly Pty Ltd, Canberra, 1992. (Charts the changing critical response to contemporary Aboriginal art. Includes articles by Djon Mundine, Howard Morphy, Nigel Lendon, Michael O'Ferrall, Jennifer Isaacs and others) (Keywords: Contemporary art, Australia, Aboriginal).
Book Code: Q253 SOLD - now out of stock AU$40
Detail of wrap  -  WALBIRI ICONOGRAPHY  (munn1wp 150/223  MUNN01)
Munn, Nancy D. (pb). WALBIRI ICONOGRAPHY. Graphic Representation and Cultural Symbolism in a Central Australian Society. BNo.0-8014-0739-7. Reprint Edition, 1986 (1973) (pb). Pp: xxii, 244; 210mm x 140mm; 0.30kg. 15 b/w, 19 fig, 1 map. Foreword, preface, afterword 1986, glossary, bibliography, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1986. (This highly innovative structural analysis explains how simple graphic forms are used by a tribe of Australian aborigines to create a potentially unlimited set of specific totemic designs, each with its own unique meaning) (Keywords: Anthropology, iconographic system, Australia, Aboriginal, Walbiri).
Book Code: T362 AU$98
Detail of wrapper  -  KUNWINJKU SPIRIT  -  Creation Stories from  Western Arnhem Land.  (nganjmirra1p 170/234  NGAN01)
Nganjmirra, Nawakadj & Neil McLeod. KUNWINJKU SPIRIT. Creation Stories from Western Arnhem Land. BNo. 0-522-84773-0. First Edition, 1997. Pp: xii, 276; 295mm x295mm; 2.18kg. Num col & fig, 1 map. Preface, introduction, biography, glossary, acknowledgments. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. The Miegunyah Press at Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Victoria, 1997. (This book collects creation stories of the Kunwinjku people of Western Arnhem Land as seen through the eyes of Nawakadj Nganjmirra, a major arts practitioner in the region) (Keywords: Anthropology, art, Australia, Aboriginal, Arnhem Land).
Book Code: S221 AU$45
Detail of wrap  -  KATHLEEN PETYARRE -  Genius of Place: The Life and Art  (nicholls1p 150/212  NICH01)
Nicholls, Christine & Ian North (essays). KATHLEEN PETYARRE - Genius of Place: The Life and Art. BNo.1-86254-546-4. First Edition, 2001 (pb). Pp: 96; 280mm x 240mm; 0.54kg. Num col & b/w, 1 map. Essays, glossary, further notes, curriculum vitae, references and further reading. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2001. (This book provides a comprehensive insight into the artist's life and work, whilst situating her art practice within national and international contemporary art movements. The essays are also supported by illustrations of over 60 colour and black and white plates of the artist's work and life) (Keywords: Contemporary art painting, Central Australia, Aboriginal, Utopia, Kathleen Petyarre).
Book Code: U060 AU$36
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