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Detail of front  of wrapper of  THOMSON TIME - Arnhem Land in the 1930s: a photographic essay

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Wiseman, Judith Proctor. THOMSON TIME - Arnhem Land in the 1930s: a photographic essay.

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Angas, George French. SAVAGE LIFE AND SCENES IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Being an Artist's Impressions of Countries and People at the Antipodes. BNo. n/a. Facsimile Edition, 1969 (1847). Pp: xi, 340; viii, 280; 195mm x 120mm; 0.54kg, 0.51kg. 10, 11 col & b/w illus. Preface, appendices 1 to 6. Very good hardback copies in contemporary boards. Cvr: vg. (no dw issued). Libraries Board of South Australia, Adelaide, 1969. (This work is the Australiana Facsimile Editions No.184 reproduced from the Second Edition published in two volumes by Smith, Elder, and Co., London, 1847. (The author's observations include those of the Aboriginal indigenous people along the south coast of Australia from the Spencer Gulf to Mount Gambier and Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln. Angas then travels to New Zealand to make similar observations of the Maori people and their religion. Places visited include the Waikato, Wanganui, Taupo Lake and the Bay of Islands. On his return to Australia he covers the Aboriginal inhabitants of New South Wales around Sydney from the coast to the mountains. The appendices include illustrations of Aboriginal rock carvings) (Keywords: Travels, social anthropology, Australia, Aboriginal, New Zealand, Maori).
Book Code: K509 SOLD - now out of stock AU$95
Detail of  wrapper - THE BUNYIP. (barrett26p 160/199  BARR26)
Barrett, Charles. THE BUNYIP - and Other Mythical Monsters and Legends. BNo. n/a. First Edition, 1946. Pp: 120; 160mm x 205mm; 0.33kg. 24 b/w. contents. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g. (chipped & worn dw; inscription from author on fep). Reed and Harris, Melbourne, 1946. (Apart from the Bunyip (which is known across Australia under various names including; Kajanprati, Timbata, Nganno, Munni Munni, and Mochel Mochel) the author describes the legends about the Myndie Snake, the Wondjina, and other mythical figures) (Keywords: Mythology, Australia, Aboriginal).
Book Code: F321 SOLD - now out of stock AU$78
Detail of  wrapper - THE PASSING OF THE ABORIGINES. (bates02bp 145/223  BATE02)
Bates, Daisy. THE PASSING OF THE ABORIGINES. A Lifetime spent among the Natives of Australia. BNo. n/a. Reprint Edition (Aust), 1957 (1944). Pp: xviii, 254; 215mm x 140mm; 0.46kg. 17 b/w(pl), 1 map. Foreword, introduction, prologue, epilogue, appendix, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: g. (minor wear on dw). John Murray, London. The Speciality Press, Melbourne, 1957. (This book is a record of a life that the author dedicated to the Aborigines who lived on the rim of the great Nullarbor Plain) (Keywords: Anthropology, Australia, Aboriginal).
Book Code: E354 AU$25
Detail of  wrapper -  DJANGGAWUL -  An Aboriginal Religious Cult of North-Eastern Arnhem  Land.   (berndt3p 150/229  BERN03)
Berndt, Ronald M. DJANGGAWUL. An Aboriginal Religious Cult of North-Eastern Arnhem Land. BNo. n/a First Edition, 1952. Pp: xxiv, 320; 215mm x 140mm; 0.68kg. 29 b/w, 2 fig. Foreword, epilogue, glossary, general index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. (pastedown on fep; foxing of ep). F.W. Cheshire Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1952. (This book concerns the study of the Djanggawul cult of North-Eastern Arnhem Land. This cult is primarily of fertility significance, and involves the rhythmic sequence of the seasons) (Keywords: Anthropology, Australia, Arnhem Land, nara, rangga, djuda, mauwulan).
Book Code: Q106 SOLD - now out of stock AU$310
Detail of wrap - SPEAKING LAND. (berndt7p 150/226  BERN07)
Berndt, R.M. & C.H. Berndt. THE SPEAKING LAND. Myth and Story in Aboriginal Australia. BNo.014-012027-6. First Edition 1989 (pb). Pp: xxix, 438, 10(adv); 210mm x 140mm; 0.47kg. 28 b/w, 3 maps. Foreword, bibliography, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Penguin Books Australia Ltd, Ringwood, Victoria, 1989. (The Speaking Land is the first anthology of its kind recrding almost 200 myth-stories drawn from a number of different Aboriginal societies and cultures) (Keywords: Myths, stories, Australia, Aboriginal, Walbri, Aranda, Ngalia, Murngin, Gunwinggu, Tiwi, Wiranggu).
Book Code: N676 AU$20
Detail of front of wrap -  THE WORLD OF THE FIRST AUSTRALIANS (berndt8p 150/226 BERN08)
Berndt, R.M. & C.H. Berndt. THE WORLD OF THE FIRST AUSTRALIANS. Aboriginal Traditional Life: Past and Present. BNo. 0-85575-184-3. Reprint Fifth Edition, 1992 (1964) (pb). Pp: xxix, 608; 235mm x 135mm; 1.12kg. 57 b/w, 9 fig, 5 tab, 1 map. Forewords (2), bibliography, name index, subject index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1992. (Forty years of anthropological research on such aspects as relationship to the land, religious beliefs, myth and ritual, sorcery and magic, and visual arts) (Keywords: Anthropology, Australia, Aboriginal, kinship, moiety, Arnhem Land, Queensland, Kimberley).
Book Code: D441 AU$30
Detail of wrapper - THREE FACES OF LOVE (berndt32p 165/149  BERN32)
Berndt, Ronald M. THREE FACES OF LOVE. Traditional Aboriginal Song-Poetry. BNo.0-17-005108-0. First Edition, 1976. Pp: xiv, 130; 180mm x 205mm; 0.56kg. 21 col. Preface, further reading, conclusion, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Thomas Nelson (Australia) Limited, Melbourne, 1976. (This book presents the richness and originality of traditional Aboriginal erotic song-poetry from northeast Arnhem Land. Drawings by Aborigines in traditional style have been chosen to illustrate these songs) (Keywords: Anthropology, Australia, Aboriginal, Arnhem Land, cycle of life).
Book Code: G152 AU$35
Detail of front cover of YANYUWA COUNTRY - The Yanyuwa people of Borroloola tell the history of their land  (bradley1p  150/201  BRAD01)
Bradley, John (translator & illustrator). YANYUWA COUNTRY. The Yanyuwa people of Borroloola tell the history of their land. BNo. 0-86436-152-1. First Edition 1988 (pb). Pp: xvi, 80; 280mm x 210mm; 0.37kg. 27 b/w, 35 col & 36 b/w illus, 3 maps. Acknowledgments, foreword, glossary. A good paperback copy. Wrp: g. (wear on wrp: discreet name on htp). Greenhouse Publications Pty Ltd, Richmond, Victoria, 1988. (The Yanyuwa people live in and around the town of Borroloola some 970 kilometres south-east of Darwin on the Gulf of Capentaria. This book tells the story and the myths of their land) (Keywords: Cultural history, myths, Australia, Aboriginal, Northern Territory).
Book Code: P341 AU$22
Detail of wrapper - WHO KILLED THE KOORIES?  (cannon05p  150/232  CANN05)
Cannon, Michael. WHO KILLED THE KOORIES? The true, terrible story of Australia's founding years. BNo. 0-85561-370-X. First Edition, 1990. Pp: (viii), 295; 230mm x 145mm; 0.64kg. no illus. Author's note, prologue, source, general index, index to Aboriginal names. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. William Heinemann Australia, Port Melbourne, 1990. (The setting for the book is the Australian frontier, specifically the Port Phillip district of New South Wales in the 1840s. A penetrating examination of concealed records by the author has revealed dark deeds which were carried out in the initial period of contact between white pioneers and the local Aborigines) (Keywords: Pioneer settlement, cultural history, Australia, Aboriginal).
Book Code: T233 AU$45
Detail of wrap - CAVE PAINTING MYTHS: NORTHERN KIMBERLEY (capell04bp  165/203  CAPE04)
Capell, A. CAVE PAINTING MYTHS: NORTHERN KIMBERLEY. Oceania and Linguistic Monographs No.18. BNo.n/a. First Edition, 1972 (pb). Pp: vi, 173; 255mm x 210mm; 0.40kg. 2 maps. Editor's note, introduction, index of mythological beings, index of clan country names. A very good paperback copy with staple and tape binding. Wrp: vg. (light fading on wrp margins). Oceania, University of Sydney, Sydney, 1972. (The myths of the various tribes of the Kimberley in relation to the Wandjina art are covered; they include: the Ngarinyin, Woljamidi, Guidj and Waladjangari, Unggumi, Wunambal, and the Forrest River tribes) (Keywords: Mythology, myths, Australia, Aboriginal, northern Kimberley, cave paintings).
Book Code: W244 SOLD - now out of stock AU$120
Detail of front cover -  MEDICINE IS THE LAW -  Studies in Psychiatric Anthropology of Australian Tribal Societies  (cawte1p  150/222  CAWT1)
Cawte, John. MEDICINE IS THE LAW. Studies in Psychiatric Anthropology of Australian Tribal Societies. BNo. 0-8248-0251-9. First Edition, 1974. Pp: xxiv, 261; 230mm x 150mm; 0.60kg. 4 b/w, 1 map. Foreword, acknowledgments, introduction, bibliography, index. A very good hardback copy with illustrated board. Cvr: vg. The University Press of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1974. (The first half of the book is chiefly concerned with psychiatric anthropology; it examines aspects of the traditional life, selected according to the interests and areas of competence of modern psychiatry. The second half is concerned with transcultural psychiatry; it addresses itself to acculturation problems and to their alleviation by socio-medical means) (Keywords: anthropology, psychiatry, Australia, Aboriginal, medicine).
Book Code: M448 AU$75
Detail of wrap - RELIGIOUS BUSINESS (charlesworth05p 150/219 CHAR05)
Charlesworth, Max (editor). RELIGIOUS BUSINESS - Essays on Australian Aboriginal Spirituality. Lectures given under the auspices of the Charles Strong Memorial Trust. BNo.0-521-63352-4. First Edition, 1998 (pb). Pp: xxvi, 206; 230mm x 150mm; 0.40kg. 8 col, 1 b/w, 2 maps. Contributors, in memory of Colin Badger, introduction, index. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998. (The essays which make up this collection are introduced by Max Charlesworth and given by W.E.H. Stanner (Some Aspects of Aboriginal Religion (1976)), Ronald Berndt (Land Rights - The Religious Factor (1993)), Diane Bell (Aboriginal Women and the Religious Experience (1980)), Tony Swain (On 'Understanding' Australian Aboriginal Religion (1985)), Rosemary Crumlin (Aboriginal Spirituality: Land as Holder of Story and Myth in Recent Aboriginal Art (1993)), Deborah Bird Rose (Ned Kelly Died for Our Sins (1988)), Peter Willis (Riders in the Chariot: Aboriginal Conversion to Christianity in Remote Australia (1988)), Frank Brennan (Land Rights - The Religious Factor (1993)) and Nonie Sharp (Malo's Law in Court: The Religious Background to the Mabo Case (1994))) (Keywords: Social anthropology, religion, Australia, Aboriginal, women, spirituality, land, land rights).
Book Code: V238 SOLD - now out of stock AU$65
Detail of wrap - MESSENGERS OF THE GODS (cowan04p 140/217 COWA04)
Cowan, James. MESSENGERS OF THE GODS. Tribal elders reveal the ancient wisdom of the earth. BNo.0-09-182858-9. First Edition, 1993 (pb). Pp: (vi), 209; 200mm x 130mm; 0.17kg. 3 maps. Introduction, afterword. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Random House Australia Pty Ltd, Milson Point, NSW, 1993. (This book is a lyrical and visionary account of one man's journey through the metaphysical landscapes of Northwest Australia, Borneo, and the Torres Strait Islands. The author seeks to discover what tribal peoples can teach us about our responsibility toward and dependence on nature) (Keywords: Mythology, rites, ceremonies, Australia, Aboriginal, Kimberley, Borneo, Iban).
Book Code: G032 AU$15
Detail of wrapper - MAN OF ALL SEASONS (davis23p 160/227 DAVI23)
Davis, Stephen. MAN OF ALL SEASONS. An Aboriginal perspective of the natural environment. BNo. 0-207-16180-1. First Edition, 1989. Pp: xiv, 82; 260mm x 180mm; 0.52kg. 105 col, 1 fig, 1 map. Preface, notes on text, acknowledgments. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Angus and Robertson Publishers, Sydney, 1989. (Man of All Seasons gives extraordinary insight into Aboriginal culture in the far north of Australia. Stephen Davis describes in detail the intricate relationship between the seasonal cycle of the natural environment and the complex culture of the Aborigines of the tropical north. Centred around a shifting emphasis on different flora and fauna as the seasons revolve, this relationship reveals the reasons for traditional hunting patterns; the age-old walkabout is finally explained) (Keywords: Social culture, Australia, Aboriginal, traditional hunting, environment).
Book Code: C525 SOLD - now out of stock AU$12
Detail of wrapper -  THE END OF DREAMING  -  Aboriginal settlements in  north-west and north Australia  (drysdale1p  145/225  DRYS1)
Drysdale, Ingrid & Mary Durack. THE END OF DREAMING. Aboriginal settlements in north-west and north Australia. BNo. 0-85179-786-5. First Edition 1974. Pp: (xxvi), 194; 210mm x 135mm; 0.46kg. 28 b/w, 1 map. Introduction. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g. Rigby Limited, Adelaide, 1974. (This book is about Ingrid Drysdale's involvement and unique experiences with Aboriginal people in the remote areas of northern Australia) (Keywords: Sociology, missionary service, Australia, Aboriginal, Arnhem Land, Maningrida).
Book Code: H476 SOLD - now out of stock AU$18
Detail of wrapper -  WHERE STRANGE GODS CALL  (duncan01p  150/237  DUNC01)
Duncan-Hemp, A.M. WHERE STRANGE GODS CALL. A cattle station in the 'outback' and people of the Grey Wind. BNo. n/a. First Edition, 1968. Pp: xxxvi, 328; 235mm x 150mm; 0.94kg. 17 col(pl), 140 b/w, 1 map. Preface, prologue, glossary of Aboriginal words. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. W.R. Smith & Paterson Pty Ltd, Brisbane, 1968. (This book describes in detail the Channel Country world of the author - the far south-west of Queensland and the north of South Australia. Included in the book are numerous photographs with description of carvings of ancestral totems and bark paintings) (Keywords: Social anthropology, Australia, Aboriginal, natural history, outback).

Book Code: C271 SOLD - now out of stock AU$85
Detail of wrapper -   WHERE STRANGE PATHS GO DOWN  -  'Channel Country' - south-west  Queensland.  (duncan02p  150/230  DUNC02)
Duncan-Hemp, A.M. WHERE STRANGE PATHS GO DOWN. 'Channel Country' - south-west Queensland. BNo. n/a. Second Edition, 1964 (1952). Pp: xvi, 240; 235mm x 150mm; 0.94kg. 34 b/w, 1 map. Preface. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. W.R. Smith & Paterson Pty Ltd, Brisbane, 1964. (The author describes life on a cattle property in south-west Queensland and growing up with tribal aborigines) (Keywords: Social anthropology, Australia, Aboriginal, cattle station, outback).
Book Code: C201 AU$85
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