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Rangkap Rice Cutters and Box (Sasak):
Rangkap Rice (Sasak)
Two rangkap rice cutters, a scoop and a box of the Sasak people of Lombok. The rice cutter consists of a corroded steel blade in a wooden holder and a bamboo crossbar for the finger grip. This cross bar is held in place by an internal rod. The box has scroll carvings on all four sides and the side panels are dovetailed and nailed at the corners - except for one corner on which a missing nail has been replaced with a cane lacing. The box has been fitted with a contemporary basestand. The scoop has been made from a cutaway horn; encrusted patina on one rice cutter and weathered patina on other items. Material: wood, steel, bamboo, cane, horn, nails; box length: 200mm; height: 90mm; horn length: 220mm.
Place and time of collection from the field are not known. Acquired from a gallery in Ampenan, Lombok in 1992.
The cutters would be used in the paddies to harvest the rice and the function of the ornate box is unknown.
Artefact Code: AS0022
Box (Sasak)
Scoop and Rice Cutter (Sasak)
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