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Guardian Figure (Iban):
Guardian Figure (Kenyah) Guardian Figure (Kenyah)
An Iban guardian female figure top
is seated on a throne with a headrest crown. The figure has a round face with incised almond eyes, small crescent mouth, and prominent ears. Hands are resting on the stomach. The figure and throne have more recently cut from the top of a post. The style of the carving is typical of the Iban people of the Mentawi River area of West Kalimantan; A general light patina with no signs of weathering. Material: wood; height: 350mm; width: 85mm; depth: 55mm.
Collected from the field in 1992. Acquired in Kuching by LukLuk Gallery in 1995.
This figure was used to protect the longhouse rice container against evil spirits.
Artefact Code: AS0030
Sarawak, Borneo and the Iban area around Kapit

Map 1: West Kalimantan and the region of the Iban on the Mentawi River

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