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Guardian Figure (Bahau Dayak):
Guardian Figure (Bahau Dayak) Guardian Figure (Bahau Dayak) Guardian Figure (Bahau Dayak)
A Bahau Dayak guardian figure top
stands with legs spread and knees bent on a rectangular plinth. The head has a concave face with ridged brow, disc eyes, pointed nose and chin, and prominent ears with extended lobes. The open mouth reveals clenched teeth. The figure has broad shoulders and a barrel chest. The hands, which are resting on the knees, are in the feint characteristic form of the 'aso' dragon-dog; The figure, which is carved from high density wood in a contemporary form, has a light weathered patina with no wood erosion. The figure has a height of 290mm.
The artefact was in an Australian private collection prior to acquistion by LukLuk Gallery in 1992.
This type of figure can be used either in the rice storage area to protect the rice from evil spirits or, bracketed the doorway of a chief's house.
A brief outline of the function and use of this type of figure is given in Feldman, J. 1994 (page 58).
In the same reference as above a similar and older figure is illustrated on page 58 (catalogue 29) and is described as coming from the Bahau Dayak people on the Mahakam River, East Kalimantan.
Artefact Code: AS0008
Sarawak, Borneo and the Iban area around Kapit

Map 1: East Kalimantan and the region of the Bahau Dayak on the Mahakam River


Feldman, J. 1994
Feldman, Jerome. ARC OF THE ANCESTORS. Indonesian Art from the Jerome L. Joss Collection at UCLA. BNo. 0-930741-36-6. First Edition, 1994 (pb). Pp: 96; 275mm x 210mm; 0.50kg. 43 col, 62 b/w, 4 fig. Acknowledgments, bibliography. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Fowler Museum of Cultural History. University of California, Los Angeles, 1994. (This book is a catalogue for an exhibition of 69 artefacts from Indonesia at ULCA. The introductory essay, entitled 'Themes and Variations in the Tribal Arts of Insular Southeast Asia' and catalogue entries are provided by the author) (Keywords: Ethnology, Nias, Siberut, Batak, Sumatra, Toraja, Sulawesi, Ifugao, Philippines, Alor, Babar).

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