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	EAST AFRICA  -  Time-Life, Library  of Nations  (allan5p  165/216  ALLA05)
Allan, Tony & John Cottrell (editors). EAST AFRICA. Time-Life, Library of Nations. BNo. 0-7054-0858-2. Third Printing, 1989. Pp: 160; 275mm x 220mm; 0.88kg. Num col & b/w, maps (ep). Acknowledgments, picture credits, bibliography, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Time-Life Books, Amsterdam, 1989. (This book describes the making of the three countries of East Africa and the diverse peoples who inhabit those countries now) (Keywords: Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda).
Book Code: C508 AU$35
Detail of wrapper  -  ZAGOURSKI - LOST AFRICA (bassani1p  175/240  BASS01)
Bassani, Ezio (text). ZAGOURSKI - LOST AFRICA. From the collection of Pierre Loos. BNo. 88-8491-008-0. First Edition, 2001. Pp: 237; 320mm x 210mm; 1.70kg. 321 b/w. Foreword, list of photographs. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Skira Editore S.p.A. , Milano, 2001. (A photographic reportage from the 1920s and 1930s portrays ways of living, ceremonies, adorned bodies of an Africa that can be aptly defined as "lost". These extraordinary, unpublished pictures, taken with great technical skill with a sense of great dignity of the people portrayed, constitute a monument to the African continent as it was. Kazimir Ostoja Zagourski (1880-1941) was the first professional photographer to travel throughout the interior of Congo and visited also the neighbouring countries, Tchad, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa) (Keywords: Archival photographs, Africa, traditional, ceremonies).
Book Code: P104 SOLD - now out of stock AU$95
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	AFRICAN ARK  -  The Horn of Africa  (beckwith4p  175/240  BECK04)
Beckwith, Carol & Angela Fisher. AFRICAN ARK. The Horn of Africa. BNo. 0-00-272780-3. First Edition, 1990. Pp: 318; 350mm x 260mm; 2.70kg. Num col, fig & maps. Acknowledgments, preface, introduction, references. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. William Collins Sons and Co Ltd, London, 1990. (This book is a record of a five-year journey through the Horn of Africa with many magnificent photographs of the indigenous peoples) (Keywords: Culture history, material culture, East Africa, Tigray, Amhara, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Afar, Oromo, Ogaden, Danakil, Konso, Borana, Hamar, Rashaida. Surma, Karo, falasha, Amhara, Beja, Bedouin, Bilen, Somali, Oromo, Gariba, Bumi, Mursi, Anuak, Nuer, Surma).
Book Code: C359 SOLD - now out of stock AU$120
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	MAASAI  (beckwith01p  175/240  BECK01)
Beckwith, Carol & Tepilit Ole Saitoti. MAASAI. Stages of life of an East African tribes people. BNo. 0-00-272163-5. Reprint Edition, 1991 (1980). Pp: 276; 340mm x 260mm; 2.42kg. 240 col, 40 fig, 3 maps. Acknowledgments. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Harvill (Harper Collins Publishers), London, 1991. (The text is written by a Maasai - it documents their living story. It recounts the ancient legends, reveals the songs and prayers, and describes the stages of life for a Maasai. This text is well supported with photographs of their feasts and ceremonies) (Keywords: Cultural history, material culture, East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania).
Book Code: E054 AU$120
Detail of wrap of EAST AFRICAN ART -  in the Collection of the Seattle Art Museum  (burt01p 180/225 BURT01)
Burt, Eugene C. EAST AFRICAN ART - in the Collection of the Seattle Art Museum. BNo.0-932216-20-X. First Edition, 1985 (pb). Pp: (iv), 28; 240mm x 190mm; 0.14kg. 1 col, 30 b/w, 1 map. Foreword, introduction, for further reading. A very good paperback copy. Wrp: vg. Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, 1985.
(Most of the East African art in this publication was acquired by the Museum in the early 1980s and a selection from the Katherine White Collection was distilled by the author to represent a variety of East African art forms. His text helps the reader to restore these artefacts to their intimate use by other cultures) (Keywords: Traditional art, artefacts, East Africa, Kenya, Turkana, Ndjemps, Samburu, Pokot, Mozambique,Makonde, Giriama).
Book Code: R372 AU$15
Detail of wrapper  -  AFRICAN ART.   A full range of African creativity.   (clarke20p  190/261  CLAR20)
Clarke, Duncan. AFRICAN ART. A full range of African creativity. BNo. 1-85841-152-1. First Edition, 1995. Pp: 112; 365mm x 260mm; 1.20kg. 80 col. Introduction, acknowledgments. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Bison Books Ltd, London, 1995. (This book shows the full range of African creativity, from sophisticated bronze sculpture to elaborate shell and bead headdresses, from carved wooden thrones to richly colourful textiles. This survey provides an introduction to African art) (Keywords: Ethnology, material culture, Africa, Maasai, Giriama, Senufo, Igbo, Ntumu Fang).
Book Code: G291 AU$40
Detail of wrapper  -  AFRICAN HATS AND JEWELRY.     (clarke21p  190/261  CLAR21)
Clarke, Duncan. AFRICAN HATS AND JEWELRY. As well as beads, headdresses, masks and masquerade. BNo.0-78580-984-8. First Edition, 1998. Pp: 112; 365mm x 260mm; 1.14kg. num col & b/w. Introduction, acknowledgments. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. Chartwell Books Inc, New Jersey, 1998. (Most of this book is concerned with the artefacts created in these processes - jewelry, beads, hats, cloths, and masks - and the part they play in adornment, as symbols of status and wealth, in ceremonial and everyday life, and in masquerades) (Keywords: Social anthropology, ethnology, material culture, Africa, Igbo, Yoruba, adornment, ivory, Dogon, Dinka, Mandja, Dan, Idoma).
Book Code: T063 AU$48
Detail of wrapper - A  SURVEY OF ZAIRIAN ART - The Bronson Collection  (cornet1p  170/233  CORN01)
Cornet, J. A SURVEY OF ZAIRIAN ART. The Bronson Collection. BNo. 0-88259-091-X. First Edition, 1978. Pp: 379; 290mm x 260mm; 2.82kg. 207 col & b/w, 12 maps. Foreword, collectors' notes, preface, introduction, bibliography, index. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: vg; dw: vg. North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, 1978. (The author lived among the local people in Zaire to discover new sculpture work, learning meanings, names and ritual usages of the art, examining the inter-relationship of the art of various tribes, and analysing the aesthetic elements of the sculptures) (Keyworks: Ethnology, Central Africa, Zaire, Yombe, Vili, Teke, Pende, Tshokwe, Kuba, Luba).
Book Code: G047 AU$120
Detail of wrapper  -  
	AFRICAN ART - AN INTRODUCTION  (duerden02p  170/229  DUER02)
Duerden, Dennis. AFRICAN ART - AN INTRODUCTION. Masks and sculpture set against a background. BNo. 0-600-34853-9. First Edition, 1974. Pp: 96; 285mm x 210mm; 0.65kg. 94 col & b/w, 1 map. Introduction, bibliography, acknowledgments, index. A good copy in dust wrapper. Cvr: g; dw: g. Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, 1974. (The author describes the African society and the geographical, historical and mythological background. The society is also discussed in relation to the arts and its contact with the Western world) (Keywords: Ethnology, West, Central, Africa, Mumuye, Yoruba, Ife, Bobo-Fing, Bamum, Bakuba).
Book Code: H300 AU$25
Detail of cardwrap  -  
Eyo, Ekpo & Frank Willett. TREASURES OF ANCIENT NIGERIA. Royal Academy of Arts, London - Exhibition 1982-3. BNo. 0-00-217086-8. First Edition, 1982 (cw). Pp: xiii, 162; 265mm x 230mm; 0.68kg. 57 col, 84 b/w, 1 map. Forewords, preface, introduction, selected bibliography. A good paperback copy. Wrp: g. (minor wear on wrp). William Collins Sons & Co Ltd, London, 1982.
Description: One hundred works of art in bronze, terracotta, and ivory - works spanning more than thousand years, from the fifth century B.C., and representing seven cultures - were selected for exhibition in the United States and Europe and shown in this catalogue in photographs. Introduction is by Ekpo Eyo and the interpretive text is by Frank Willett.
Keywords: Ethnology, cultural history, works of art, bronze, terracotta, ivory, Africa, Nigeria, Nok culture, Igbo-Ukwu, Ife, Owo, Benin, Oba of Benin, bronze heads and figures, Tsoede bronzes Esie soapstone figures, Ikom monoliths, Yoruba work, onile.
Book Code: M365 AU$45
Detail of wrap of THE MERU OF MT. KENYA - An Oral History of Tribal Warfare  (fadiman1p  150/224  FADI1)
Fadiman, Jeffrey A. THE MERU OF MT KENYA. An Oral History of Tribal Warfare. BNo. 0-8214-0633-7. First Edition, 1982 (pb). Pp: (vii), 185; 225mm x 150mm; 0.27kg. 4 fig, 3 maps. Dedication, appendices I and II, notes, bibliography. A very good paperback copy. wrp: vg. Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio, 1982. (The author has sought to preserve the legacy of African warriorhood by interviewing over 300 of the oldest members of the Meru people on every aspect of their warrior years) (Keywords: Social anthropology, east Africa, Kenya, Meru).
Book Code: E107 AU$10
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