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Carved Funerary Stone (Nigeria):
Carved Funerary Stone (Nigeria) Carved Funerary Stone (Nigeria) Carved Funerary Stone (Nigeria)
A carved funerary stone from Nigeria top
has a long sloping forehead, prominent slit eyes, an open mouth, and a large columnar neck with vertical grooves.; a matt patina. Material: stone; height: 175mm; width: 65mm; depth: 90mm.
An Australian private collection, acquired by the collector in West Africa in the late 1980s. Acquired by LukLuk Gallery from an African tribal art exhibition in Melbourne in 1993.
The actual origins and function of the stone is unknown but carving style does bear some resemblance to much larger stones found in the Ekoi tribal area of southeast Nigeria. These carvings are known locally as 'Akwanshi', which appears to mean literally: 'dead person in the ground'.
See 'Allison, P. 1968 for discussion on African stone sculpture' - (pp.25-35) for discussion and illustration on the Cross River Akwanshi carvings.
See 'Davidson, B. 1974' - p.122.
Artefact Code: AF0008
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