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Lobi Fetish Figure (Burkina Faso): map ref
Lobi Fetish Figure (Burkina Faso)(af006gp 187/350 AF0006)
A Lobi fetish figure
is seated on a rectangular plinth base which is coated with an earth mixture of vegetable fibre and feathers. The figure has the characteristic Lobi egg-shaped head with flared nose and jutting chin. The torso has two arms made of hair wrapped in cloth and attached to the torso by nails. A similar third arm is affixed to the middle of the back. The head has wood erosion at the back; an encrusted sacrificial patina on the body and plinth and dark brown patina on the head. Material: wood, hair, cloth, vegetable matter, earth, feathers; height: 260mm; width: 85mm.
Private Collection prior to 1993. Acquired by LukLuk Gallery from an African Tribal Exhibition in Melbourne in 1993.
The figure has magical powers given to it by the natural force existing in the hair of the attached arms. This power is further enhanced by the anointment of special mixtures in ritual ceremonies.
See 'Laude, J. 1971' - (pp.196-200) for discussion on fetish figures.
See 'Dagan, E.A. 1990' - (pp.44-53) and Roy, C.D. 1997' - p.306
Artefact Code: AF0006

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LOBI FEMALE FIGURE(Burkina Faso) West Africa: Tribal area of the Lobi people located in southwestern Burkina Faso.
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