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Female Figure (Lobi):SOLD map ref
LOBI FEMALE FIGURE(Burkina Faso)(af047gp 155/360 AF0047)
A Lobi female figure
has a classic helmet-shaped head with jutting jaw, small mouth and triangular nose; straight rod-like arms at the side; proportionally thick legs, together and bent at the knees with feet forming a geometrically shaped base; encrusted patina with patch removal on one side of the body. Material: wood; height: 220mm.
Acquired by LukLuk Gallery in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso in 1999.
The Lobi people portray their bush spirits as male and female wood sculptures. The "Bateba" are charged with magical powers. Their main purpose is to ward off witches and sorcerers thus protecting the village from any misfortune. According to Lobi legend, the Bateba lead very active sexual life in order to ensure fertility in the village.
See 'Smithsonian Institution 1979' - (fig 47, 48).
See 'Roy, C.D. 1997' - p.306 pl.203 for comparison.
Artefact Code: AF0047
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LOBI FEMALE FIGURE(Burkina Faso) West Africa: Tribal area of the Lobi people located in southwestern Burkina Faso.
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Roy, C.D. 1997
Roy, Christopher D. KILENGI African Art from the Bareiss Family Collection. BNo.: 0-295-97822-8. First Edition, 1997. Pp: 420; 310mm x 240mm; 3.03kg. Num col, b/w & maps. Foreword, acknowledgments, appendix, index of works, bibliography. A very good copy in dust wrapper. Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover, 1997. (This book was published to accompany an exhibition of African art touring five cities in Europe and USA) (Keywords: Ethnology, Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Zaire, Western Sudan).
Smithsonian Institution 1979
Smithsonian Institute. TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE FROM THE UPPER VOLTA. An Exhibition at the Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Summer 1979. BNo.: n/a. First Edition, 1979 (pb). Pp: 12; 280mm x 215mm; 0.10kg. 13 b/w, 1 map. Foreword, introduction. A good paperback copy. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 1979. (This publication is a catalogue for an exhibition of African sculpture from Burkina Faso. 90 objects to the exhibition were lent by Thomas G.B. Wheelock) (Keywords: Ethnology, Africa, Burkina Faso, Volta).

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